Can A Back Pain Chiropractor Help?

In Australia, 1 person out of every 6, suffers from back pain. This means that people of all ages, occupations, and lifestyles are likely to be affected. In fact, with the widespread increase in sedentary lifestyles, many young people have also started complaining about back pain.

Chiropractic Back Adjustment

Lower and middle back pain, specifically, can limit your natural movement and make simple activities such as bending down to pick something up, more painful. If it goes untreated, the pain can become severe and may even cause permanent damage to your spine.

Chiropractic back adjustment can indeed help. It gives you a drug-free alternative to eliminate your pain and promotes overall spinal health at the same time. This involves targeted back massage and paraspinal muscle relaxation therapies, which help you increase spine mobility and comfort.

Understanding The Causes Of Back Pain

Your back is more than just bones and muscles. It contains discs, joints, and nerves as well, and each of these is equally important. Ignoring a single one of them can transfer the pain into your buttocks or even occasionally cause leg pain. Headache is also common – nearly 30% of Australians who suffer from back pain, also get severe headaches as a direct result.

Back pain can be triggered due to injury, old age, bad posture, poor lifting technique, prolonged sitting, or low physical activity – just to name a few. To avoid long-term damage to your spine, it is important to seek assistance. Every back pain Chiropractor at Carlin Chiropractic aims for accurate diagnosis and helps you understand the root cause of your pain. We develop targeted solutions for quick recovery so that your visits to our practice are well spent.

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“Best Chiropractic practice in Perth! Both Tayla and Simon are amazing to work with, best practice I have ever been to and all the other staff are great very friendly. Make it easy when you have a little one who needs to be entertained while your being adjusted special mention to Hope for helping with that all the time!”

– Hayden Scott

Pairing Exercise With Chiro to Relieve Back Pain

Exercising is key in eliminating back pain via Chiropractic back adjustment. It can help you not only get rid of the pain but also help you lose weight and prevent the pain from coming back. An added advantage is that exercising can also help you prevent other diseases and promote mental well-being.

To exercise, you don’t necessarily need to hit the gym - even activities like stretching, cycling, swimming, dancing, and yoga can bring great results. Engaging in leisure activities as well, can have a positive effect and promote a healthy mind and body by eliminating anxiety. At Carlin Chiropractic, you can find the answers you need to help you on your journey. We track your progress constantly, help you improve your lifestyle, and evolve your exercise routine to alleviate back pain once and for all.

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Our back pain Chiropractors teach you exercises that strengthen your back muscles and overcome fatigue. We also help you discover stretching exercises that you can easily perform without a doctor’s supervision.

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