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Gentle Chiropractic Care, Perth

Gentle Chiropractic Care at Carlin Chiropractic is focused on gently unwinding your nervous system and restoring stability to your spine, cranial system and pelvis.

A comprehensive review of your weight-bearing system from head to toe ensures your spinal health & wellbeing recovery is optimised.

An array of gentle techniques coupled with Neural Organisation Technique and Applied Kinesiology are utilised to get you well faster.

There are 3 keys for many new patients

  1. Spinal alignment with gentle spinal therapy
  2. Controlling or resolving involuntary movement patterns such as scoliosis, that may be creating poor posture, fatigue or pain.
  3. Releasing or resolving your defensive or protective patterns which can tighten or shorten the protective layers [the meninges] of your brain and spinal cord. Restrictions in your meninges will directly impact your connective tissues (body fascia) that entwines your whole body and may significantly reduce your general flexibility.

Chiropractic Care Plans

Chiropractic Care Plans are matched to your needs and current health goals.
Our Care Plans can be focused on long term stability and regeneration in what we term “Corrective Care“.
Alternatively, your Care Plan can be oriented towards relief of your discomfort only in what we term “Relief Care”.

Maintenance Care and Wellness Care are also offered to practice members whom have already completed their initial care.

What is Maintenance Care?

Maintenance Care is designed to maintain the level of function you have currently achieved.

What is Wellness Care?

Wellness Care is designed to optimise the function you have currently achieved and encourages ongoing resolution of stressors which may be compromising your potential.

Our gentle Chiropractic centre provides year-round care for you and your family.

Talk to us about spinal health and the link it has between both healthy brain and body function.

Chiropractic care has implications for increased strength, decreased fatigue and improvement in the brain’s ability to drive your muscles.

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