Concussion Management
Through Chiropractic Care

In Australia, more than 3,000 people are hospitalised yearly due to a concussion, from playing sports alone. Almost triple of this number doesn’t seek medical attention at all. What’s worse is that 9 out of 10 people who are hospitalised due to a concussion, don’t even recognise the condition.

So, what is a concussion and what does post concussion management involve?

A concussion is a brain injury usually caused by a direct or indirect hit to the head. Most people associate a concussion with loss of consciousness, but in reality, you may have a concussion even if you don’t pass out after a jolt to your head. Many people treat a concussion as a sport-related injury but in actuality, it can happen in any area of life, such as a simple fall, hitting your head, or being in a minor car accident.

Also, a concussion does not necessarily involve an object hitting your head - even sudden jerks to your upper body that vigorously shake your head can cause a concussion. Due to a lack of all this knowledge, a concussion often goes undiagnosed. In fact, even today, many physicians and health professionals lack adequate training when it comes to diagnosing a concussion.

At Carlin Chiropractic, we take great care to ensure accurate diagnosis and provide you with a targeted concussion management physical therapy that causes speedy and permanent recovery.

Understanding Post Concussion Management

After a concussion, the electrical potential of the brain is instantly affected and it takes at least a few weeks to regain normalcy. Athletes who suffer a concussion, must not engage in sports for 14 to 18 days post-episode. The situation gets much more difficult for people who get a concussion for the second time. They are at a higher risk of permanent brain injury, which could potentially be life-threatening. Besides, if a concussion goes untreated, symptoms like headache, confusion, lack of cognitive ability, and sleepiness may persist and get serious over time.

In the early stages of recovering from a concussion, the patient’s brain and nervous system must be provided with regular stimulation. This can improve the recovery time and better restore healthy brain function. When it comes to post-concussion management, Chiropractic care involves vision therapy, neck therapy, and neuro therapy to bring the brain back to its normal health.

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“Carlin Chiropractic are professional, holistic and health goal orientated in their approach. Dr Carlin is an intuitive practitioner who has achieved miraculous results in treating my teenage daughter.”

– Judith Lawrence

Treating A Concussion With Chiro

There isn’t one specific kind of treatment for concussion, which is why patients need to be treated on a case-by-case basis. This is exactly the approach we follow at Carlin Chiropractic. At our clinic in Perth, concussion management physical therapy often involves cervical and vestibular rehabilitation, aerobic exercises, and other physician-supervised exercises and therapies. However, all these are customised according to your medical condition.

Concussion Management Through Chiropractic Care: Carlin Chiropractic
Post Concussion Management Through Chiropractic Care: Carlin Chiropractic
Post Concussion Management Through Chiropractic Care: Carlin Chiropractic

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Avoiding a concussion is not in your hands, but getting it treated the right way is. We provide you with a drug-free alternative for treating a concussion and restoring overall balance in your body and mind. Contact us today and book an appointment if you think you or any of your loved ones might have a concussion.

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