Techniques & Services

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An array of cutting edge techniques and technologies are available within our Chiropractic clinic.

The practice utilises gentle spinal care, Neural Organisation Technique, Applied Kinesiology approaches and Functional Nutrition to ensure your health is supported and optimised.

If you are new to Carlin Chiropractic our friendly, supportive team will ensure you are welcomed and informed.

We will conduct a comprehensive consultation and review of your current health status.

Imaging and additional testing may be required to provide further information on what is the most appropriate care for your current health needs and goals.

Should you choose to be in ongoing care, progressive reassessment is used to ensure you are updated on your improvements to date.

Our practice is focused on supporting and coaching you to a higher level of wellbeing.

Precare and other Healthcare Events

A comprehensive induction to care is ensured for all new Practice Members and families through our Precare appointments and Special Healthcare Events. Practice member support services are generally free of charge.

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