Meet Our Expert Chiro Perth Team

Based in Cottesloe, Dr Carlin’s expert Chiro Perth team cater for local Perth residents, and also country clientele who require professional care that is not readily available in regional centres.

Read about Dr Carlin’s team and the strength they bring to the Carlin Chiropractic team.

Carlin Chiropractic: Our Chiro Perth Team - Dr Simon Carlin
Dr Simon CarlinChiropractor
Dr Carlin brings to the practice 27 years of experience in whole person, family oriented care.

His vast experience in Chiropractic Care, Applied Kinesiology techniques, biochemistry and nutritional supplementation ensure your wellbeing is in good hands!

Dr Carlin is considered an industry leader and has facilitated other professions including Naturopathy, Massage therapy, and Physical rehabilitation in the provision of their services.

Dr Carlin also consults to health professionals and service businesses on development of their teams and services through his business development consultancy – Carlin Consulting.

Dr Carlin has been an instructor and Diplomat in Neural Organisation Technique [NOT] since 1995.

NOT is a comprehensive assessment and care system aimed at restoring integrity to your nervous system. NOT incorporates Applied Kinesiology [using manual muscle testing as a diagnostic tool], craniosacral concepts and the “world” of somatovisceral [body structure to internal systems] connections.

Dr Carlin is a Chiro Perth expert and has developed many cutting edge health care programmes which continue to help children reach their potential.

Carlin Chiropractic: Our Chiro Perth Team - Dr Alex Byers
Dr Alexandra ByersChiropractor
Dr Alexandra believes that health is a harmonious combination of mind, physical and nutritional elements. Through Chiropractic, Dr Alexandra encourages each of these elements to improve by restoring the natural rhythm of the nervous system.

As a former Personal Trainer, Dr Alexandra is keenly aware of how movement affects body health. You will often find her enjoying the art of movement through yoga, running or walking her dog. Dr Alexandra believes that healthy movement involves a daily practice of gratitude to your body.

Dr Alexandra is passionate about women’s health, fitness and nutritional care. She is working towards increasing awareness, understanding and creating support networks of local practitioners to elevate the health of the community.

Carlin Chiropractic: Our Chiro Perth Team - Dr Simon Carlin
Emily HollandPractice Manager
Emily is from Michigan and has been in WA for the past two years. She has a Bachelor’s of Business Administration with a background in sales and marketing and is interested in pursuing a career in Naturopathy and Holistic Health. Emily has recently joined our team as the Practice Manager and is eager to learn as much as she can from Dr. Carlin and the team here at Carlin Chiropractic.

Emily is interested in cycling, yoga, swimming, reading, painting and spending time with friends and family. As a vegetarian she is always looking for new recipes and foods to fuel the soul. She is an avid tea drinker and loves watching the waves at the beach whilst curling up with a good book.

Emily is excited to meet the Carlin Chiropractic “family” and looks forward to getting to know you all.

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