Spine Health, Alignment and Posture with Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging initially using weight bearing screening x-rays, provides valuable information on spine health and alignment of your spinal system.

The information gained from this imaging assists in accurate diagnosis of your current spinal health and ensures any prescribed course of care is the most appropriate therapeutic approach for your structural health.

Postural weight bearing photography is also used to confirm current postural status and also as a follow up modality to quantify your improvements in posture and alignment.

Digital x-ray facilities are available by referral from Carlin Chiropractic in Cottesloe.
Postural photography is available onsite at both practices.

Look Good on the Inside

Have you ever stopped to think how your insides are affecting the way you look on the inside? If your internal body isn’t functioning at its optimal level, then the outward facade will show. Get help, call the practice on 9385 2388 to book your initial appointment. You can find our location details here.⠀

Carlin Chiropractic: Spine Health, Alignment and Posture with Diagnostic Imaging
Carlin Chiropractic: Spine Health, Alignment and Posture with Diagnostic Imaging

Did you know?

Daniel D. Palmer, a magnetic healer in Iowa was the man who first discovered Chiropractic in 1895.

That means chiropractic care is 122 years old!

Daniel D. Palmer speculated that a misaligned vertebra in a janitor’s spine was the reason for his deafness, so he adjusted him. Almost immediately the janitor’s hearing returned and while Daniel thought he had found the cure for deafness, he later realised he actually discovered that Chiropractic is not a cure for anything, but simply a way of allowing the body to work better by removing nerve interference caused by dysfunction of the spine.

This indicates just how very important spine health is.

Our experienced team offers a range of gentle therapeutic approaches suitable for your whole family. We can help to boost your energy, improve your body’s movement and get you switched on.

Join us for a pre-care session so we can educate you on the link between your spine health and your brain health. Our pre-care sessions last half an hour, serving as an opportunity an opportunity to find out more about your nervous system, promoting brain health and supporting your family’s wellbeing.

Who is pre-care for? Anyone with a spine. Book today on 9385 2388.