Precare & Other Health Events

Who is pre-care for?

Precare is for you and your family or community whom support you.

Corrective Care appointments are provided on a complementary basis to Practice Members whom are transitioning into the regeneration phase of their care. Currently, there are two Corrective Care appointments.

Corrective Care One supports your progress through your initial regeneration phase by ensuring that you are upskilled in supporting your structure throughout your daily life. An introductory discussion of your food and biochemical health’s role in supporting your regeneration is also reviewed.

Corrective Care Two builds on the Corrective Care One conversation and targets the effect of mental/emotional harmony on your regeneration, health and wellbeing.

Our Wellness Care appointments create a framework of support for our Practice Members whom are actively seeking to “operate” at an optimum level and continually improve.

Practice Members who are unable to attend our open Precare and Health events can access Precare, Corrective Care 1/2, Wellness Care and other special events in our Resources area.

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