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Back Pain Treatment Perth – Proactive Health Care

By September 20, 2018January 25th, 2021No Comments

I want to talk to you about back pain and spine health. According to the Australian bureau of statistics, about 80% of the Australian population experiences back pain at some time. What we know is that about 89% of the Australian population never get their spine checked by a professional. An expert who is trained to review their spinal health. For back pain treatment Perth families can rely on, look no further than Carlin Chiropractic.

Back Pain Treatment Perth

Many people have spinal problems that they develop over many years and they often don’t have pain to begin with. You’re often developing spine health issues and you may not have any symptoms for a long time. A little bit like tooth decay.

The key is to check your spine health so that we can assess whether or not you’re likely to have a break down later on and reduce the risk of you developing wear and tear that’s completely avoidable. Get your family’s spine health checked now.

Proactive health care

We know that about 60% of the Australian population does do something proactive about their well being and 40% don’t.

Our health care system is still really set up to be reactive to if you’ve got a problem or your hurt, broken down in some way then that’s where the health care system comes in. What I want to suggest to you is particularly in the area of spine health and it’s vital role in your general well-being and your brain health is that you take a much more proactive stance to your spinal well-being and get it checked periodically because most of the time you don’t hurt until you’ve got a significant spinal health issue.

For back pain treatment Perth locals can rely on, look no further than Carlin Chiropractic.

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