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New Year Resolution Ideas 2019 from Carlin Chiropractic

By January 18, 2019April 8th, 2020No Comments

New Year Resolution Ideas and Your Values

Happy New Year! The team at Carlin Chiropractic wish you and your family an abundant, fun filled and fulfilling 2019. Below we outline some great new year resolution ideas that align with your core values.

You may have made some intentions clear for this year or are still thinking about how you would like this year to look and unfold. The key to fulfilling your wishes for 2019 is how closely your goals are aligned to and supported by your values. Your values are traits or characteristics that are most important to you.

The first of our new year resolution ideas is to try this values exercise suggested by prominent Australian business coach and Chiropractor, Dr Andrew Powell.

Visit Your Own Funeral

This exercise enables you to have a clearer vision into your key values and takes about 10-15 minutes.

Imagine “hovering” above your own funeral whilst 3 or 4 people stand up and speak about who you were. The nice thing about this is you actually get to choose WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT YOU!

Try not to overthink it and spend 10-15 minutes writing without stopping. Be concise so each value is spelled out in a few words.

Once you have your list, compare it to your New Year Resolution Ideas. If you find that they don’t align, you are most likely creating a lot of unnecessary stress for yourself and those around you.

Get aligned with YOU and start your 2019 on track!

Read on for more new year resolution ideas.

Recommended Summer Reading

Often, people are looking for other ways that they can support their Chiropractic care, whether it be at home exercises, videos, books or additional information.

Emily, our Practice Manager, recommends the book Women’s Wellness Wisdom by Dr. Libby Weaver for this month’s recommended reading and as a new year resolution idea.

Emily really resonated with Dr. Libby’s message, in all areas of her life.

Dr. Libby speaks about “nutritional” foods you should eat, not just what we think is healthy. Ways that we can take care of our body, including keeping our stress hormones under control and how that affects our body. Plus taking care of our minds on a day to day basis!

Not only has this book been a huge inspiration for Emily it has also made her rethink a few lifestyle choices.

New Year Resolution Ideas 2019: Women's Wellness Wisdom

Feel free to contact us for more new year resolution ideas that align with your core values.