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How a Chiropractor can help with your headaches

By April 19, 2022No Comments
How a Chiropractor can help with your headaches

Over the decades, Chiropractic care has grown tremendously in popularity. People now see that their local Chiropractor can help with more than just back pain or joint issues. If you suffer from chronic headaches, tension headaches or migraines, it’s time to visit the expert team at Carlin Chiropractic. We’ll discuss your medical history, find out the type of headaches you are suffering from, and then find the cause. You can rely on a Chiropractor for headaches instead of pain-relieving medication.

Spine misalignment might be the cause

A potential cause of your headaches could be that your spine is out of alignment, and extra stress is being placed on your nervous system. Visiting Carlin Chiropractic for gentle Chiropractic techniques may help alleviate your recurring headaches. Dr Simon or Dr Tayla can assist with realigning your spine to help eliminate, or reduce the severity of your headaches.

When your bodily functions return to normal, there is less stress and tension. As a result, your headaches may subside. You may have an occasional headache but, these might be the result of dehydration or diet choices, and nowhere near as painful as a misaligned spine.

Chiropractic care for migraines

Chronic back and neck pain can result in severe migraines. If you experience debilitating back and neck pain, Chiropractic care may help reduce the amount and severity of your migraines. Although environmental factors and dietary issues can cause migraines, a major cause is tension issues. This tension can be a byproduct of limited physical activity, poor ergonomics, and incorrect posture – these adversely impact your upper back and neck, causing migraines.

When you see a Chiropractor for headaches, the experts can perform joint manipulation to reduce the tension levels in your neck and back. Some may recommend soft tissue massage, shiatsu or acupuncture.

Results may vary, but here’s what to expect from a Chiropractor

If you suffer from headaches or migraines, below are some of the results you may experience from seeing a Chiropractor who uses gentle Chiropractic techniques.

  • Decreasing of nerve irritation
  • Restoration of correct communication by your nervous system to the rest of the body
  • Restoration of normal blood flow
  • Reduction of tension in your muscles
  • Help to identify the trigger of your headaches or migraines – then prevent them from occurring or reduce the frequency of occurrence

Carlin Chiropractic can help!

After a session with your Chiropractor for headaches, you may experience immediate relief. The longer you have had headaches, no matter which type, the longer it may take for you to find relief. Most of the time you will need to see your Chiropractor for a series of appointments as part of a health care plan.

One thing to note is that everyone responds differently to Chiropractic treatment. Regardless, it’s time for you to stop treating your issues with over-the-counter medications and schedule an appointment with Carlin Chiropractic. Reach out to us today!