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World Spine Day – October 16

By October 22, 2018April 8th, 2020No Comments

Hi, I’m Dr Simon Carlin. Welcome back to our blog and I hope you had a chance to participate in World Spine Day this week.

What is World Spine Day?

It’s an international multidisciplinary initiative to encourage people to take an interest in their spine health.

The Global Alliance for Musculoskeletal Health has declared October 16 as World Spine Day. The Alliance aims to:

  • Reduce the social and financial cost of musculoskeletal disorders to society
  • Empower patients to make decisions about their care
  • Improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment for all patients
  • Advance research on prevention and treatment

The statistics

It’s kind of an unloved part of us. Only about 11% of the Australian population has any regular spinal care. 89% don’t. We know that 80% of the Australian population at any one time has back pain, neck pain and those sorts of things.

It’s significant economic cost to the Australian community.

What World Spine Day means for you

We are really concerned families are not getting the spinal care message and not really taking care of their spine health the way they should.

All this week across the country there will be chiropractors running complementary services to ensure that your family gets their spine health checked.

Carlin Chiropractic is offering free spinal and posture checks all week in association with World Spine Day. We want to help you continue your spine and nervous system health and we are always here to help!

I really hope you’re taking advantage of these great services that are available across the country this week and getting your spinal health reviewed now.

Contact us today on 9385 2388.

The Australian Chiropractors Association

The ACA highlight the importance of spinal health and wellbeing. 2018’s theme is ‘Love Your Spine’  and associated video content can be viewed at

Good habits and healthy lifestyle choices are a key focus for people’s personal and professional lives. A strong emphasis is placed on staying active and spine health.

Contact us should you have any questions on World Spine Day.