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A Christmas Message to our Chiro Practice Members and Friends

By December 19, 2018March 30th, 2020No Comments

Dear Chiro Practice Members and Friends,

Thank you for being part of our chiro practice this year. We have greatly enjoyed supporting you on your journey.

The chiro practice has begun to grow this year and we have introduced our massage therapy service with soft tissue expert Dean Barnes whom we know will take great care of you. We aim to start a female massage therapist shortly.

Chiro Practice - Massage Therapy: Carlin Chiropractic

In addition, our new Chiropractor, Dr Alexandra Byers, has joined the chiro practice recently and we know Dr Alex will be of great service to you and your family.

During 2019, Dr Byers will be assisting me in expanding our corrective movement and stability home play on our Youtube channel. We will also be introducing another corrective care induction for chiro practice members whom are well into their corrective care process and looking for further support and “homework”.

Chiro Practice - Dr Alex Byers: Carlin Chiropractic

School Holiday Kids and Family Events with Dr. Alex

Dr. Alex will be hosting a children’s movement event on Wednesday, 9th of January and Thursday, 17th of January from 9:30 AM – 11:00 PM.

This event celebrates the art of play whilst bringing awareness to possible injury patterns. This is a fun event promoting healthy movement, family engagement and developmental opportunities.

Check out our Facebook page for more information!

Casual Chiro Practice Members

As of January 2nd 2019, we will be introducing a new care option.

Currently we encourage our chiro practice members to have an ongoing care plan agreement whilst they are in regular care to ensure their health journey and recovery is optimised. We generally schedule regular reassessments within your care plan to “map” and quantify your progress. Our vast experience confirms you will recover faster with a targeted care plan and progressive reassessment.

Sometimes our chiro practice members have an unusually busy schedule, are away a lot, or work has gotten very busy. No problem, you can choose to move to casual care. There are no care plans in the casual practice member option and you can come as much or as little as you like for up to 12 months. After 12 months we are duty bound to reassess you prior to you re-commencing care.

If this profile sounds like you, chat to our reception team about changing to a Casual Practice Member status.


Christmas/New Year is often a high need time for many of us caught up in the Christmas rush and the practice will remain open during the Christmas/New Year break to support you.

We also welcome many of our country practice members during the holiday season and encourage you to schedule your appointment ahead with shorter opening hours during Christmas/New Year.
We encourage you to take care of yourself and give some attention to your spine health/brain health and get adjusted during the “busyness”!!

Christmas is a time of giving, catching up with family and friends and supporting others less fortunate than ourselves-you may wish to participate in our “Giving Back” Initiative with The Smith Family Charity and leave a gift (toys and books are ideal) under the tree to be distributed to the charity. Please identify as suitable for a boy with a blue sticker or pink stickers for girls. Thanks for giving this Christmas!!


Have a wonderful festive season with your family, stay safe and have fun celebrating!

Best wishes and Seasons Greetings,

The Carlin Chiropractic Team

Chiro Practice Team: Carlin Chiropractic