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Baby Chiropractor Perth

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Is your baby is not settling? Crying excessively? Refusing to sleep? Feeding on one side? Struggling with reflux? We are a baby chiropractor Perth parents can trust.

Baby Chiropractor Perth

Every parent wants the best for their baby, including the experience of the perfect birth. However, many parents face unexpected challenges during the birthing process, including the use of interventions that they may have decided against initially. Speak to any mother and they will tell you that birth is not an easy process, so it is logical to assume that the baby also went through an ordeal.

If your baby is not settling easily or at all, crying excessively, refusing to sleep, feeding on one side or having trouble with reflux they could benefit from chiropractic care. We are a baby chiropractor Perth parents can turn to.

Since the news broke of the Chiropractor who was filmed adjusting an infant, many have questioned the safety of chiropractic care for infants, babies, and children. However, Australian and international research has found chiropractic care to be incredibly safe for this age group.

If you are considering having your new bundle of joy cared for by a chiropractor and you would like some advice, please contact the practice.

Dr Simon and Dr Alexandra would love to speak with you!

Pregnancy Chiropractor Perth

Maintaining your chiropractic care with regular adjustments during your pregnancy will have a positive effect on your nervous system and the health and flexibility of your pelvic and spinal system.

Some researchers and experts purport that there are significant benefits to the developing foetus with appropriate care during your pregnancy.

Thinking of becoming pregnant or already got a bun in the oven – talk to Dr Alexandra about setting up your pre-pregnancy and pregnancy care plan!

Contact us today: Pregnancy and Baby Chiropractor Perth

Contact us for baby wellness care, book your appointment today.


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