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The Importance of Managing Concussion

By April 19, 2019October 19th, 2021No Comments
Managing Concussion with Dr Simon Carlin

Dr. Simon recently attended a parent and teachers event facilitated by Dr. Colm McCarthy, sports physician and Sports Physiotherapist Nicole Pates. One of the topics was about the importance of concussion management.

The current definition of what concussion is and what is now generally accepted and concussion management short and long term was discussed. Dr. McCarthy emphasized that many physicians and health professionals lack adequate training in diagnosis and management of concussion.

The new guidelines for concussion management are accepted by the majority of the sporting codes in Australia and internationally there is increasing agreement on the best way to manage concussion.

When does concussion occur?

1. Concussions occur when the brain accelerates or decelerates in the skull rapidly and are not just the result of direct head trauma.

2. Current science confirms that the electrical potential of the brain is immediately affected by the concussion episode and the brain may not recover properly for some weeks. Current science recommends that athletes are excluded from play for 14 to 18 days post concussion.

Managing Concussion with Dr Simon Carlin

3. New protocols emphasize recognition, referral and effective recovery techniques ensure people with concussion are more likely to recover their brain health. People whom have a second concussion are at serious risk of permanent and potentially life threatening brain injury and this “second concussion syndrome” is becoming better understood.

Managing Concussion with Dr Simon Carlin

4. Unresolved concussion may produce symptoms like confusion, sleepiness, poor information processing and loss of cognitive function at work or school, together with more easily recognizable symptoms like headache and disorientation. When these symptoms persist, this is called “post concussion syndrome”.

5. Current science suggests that providing the nervous system and brain with appropriate stimulation early on in a concussion recovery, significantly improves recovery time and restoration of healthy brain function. Have you tried Dr Simon Carlin’s brain gym exercises?

6. Nicole Pates described the current recommended treatment protocol involves neck therapy, balance/vision therapy and other neuro therapies to encourage normalisation of brain health.

Managing Concussion with Dr Simon Carlin

Having managed people with concussion since the early 1990’s my experience is that a combination of treatment approaches as discussed by Nicole in the recent parent and teachers presentation, ensures the best possible outcomes can be achieved reliably. If you have a family member or friend suffering from unresolved concussion, I recommend early review can ensure that you don’t suffer “post concussion syndrome”.

– Dr. Simon Carlin