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Massage Therapy

Natural Healing With Massage Therapy

By August 19, 2021No Comments
Massage Therapist Perth: Carlin Chiropractic

For most people, good health begins with dieting and ends at exercising – they completely overlook the importance of adequate relaxation. You might think that eight hours of sleep is all you need to recharge your mind and body, but this is rarely true. Releasing tension from your muscles is where true relaxation lies. Sessions with a skilled massage therapist Perth locals love is a good start!

How is Myofascial Release Better Than Regular Massage?

Unspecialised massage involves manipulating your muscles, whereas myofascial treatments can promote natural healing. The benefits of massage therapy last only a couple of days because it targets the muscles alone, which tend to quickly bounce back into their original stressed state. On the other hand, myofascial release massage creates a long-lasting change because it targets the fluid-gel connective tissue called fascia, in addition to your muscles.

We often hear massage therapists talk about ‘knots’ in our muscles. These knots are hardened fascia subjected to severe tension. At Carlin Chiropractic, you can experience a long-lasting release of this tension with our calming massage therapist Perth locals recommend. Our treatments empower the body’s own self-corrective mechanism and might be just the thing you need, especially if your doctor has been unable to diagnose anything based on your X-ray, MRI, or CT scan results because fascia is not detectable in these tests.

How Can Traditional Japanese Shiatsu Restore Balance?

We undergo different kinds of stress during the day – some physical, some mental. Shiatsu can help relieve both, in four to six sessions. It can also help you eliminate muscle tightness, constant headache, back pain, period cramps, pregnancy complications, and so much more. With Carlin Chiropractic, you can discover a skilled massage therapist Perth residents have tried, tested, and loved for relieving all these ailments.

Shiatsu takes you into a deep state of relaxation and balances the energy flowing through your body, while you’re fully clothed and lying on a soft mat close to the earth. Our therapists ensure that every session is tailored to meet your needs and that you experience the best relaxation massage Perth has to offer.

The Benefits of Remedial and Therapeutic Massage

After exploring the techniques of myofascial release and shiatsu massage, it’s now time to look at some of their benefits. Not only do these therapies help you relieve pain, but they also promote the overall wellbeing of your body promoting healthier digestion, reducing the levels of stress, and increasing your stamina for physical work and exercise.

However, a remedial massage ends up delivering the best results only when performed by a well-trained professional who knows how to understand the unique needs of each person’s body. At Carlin Chiropractic, we offer just this – professionalism and dedication, whether you are visiting us for a minor chiro-related concern or the most relaxing shiatsu massage Perth can provide.

Book in with a Massage Therapist Perth locals can vouch for!

Begin your journey towards a calm life and balanced physical health with us. Schedule an appointment with our experts and never suffer another day in pain. At Carlin, your needs always come first!