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Spine Care Tips – Looking After Your Back

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Spine Care Tips - Looking After Your Back | Carlin Chiropractic

Seeing a Chiro Perth locals love is the best thing you can do when it comes to looking after your back. There is the misconception that lying flat in bed for days will help you recover from back issues, but that is not the case – your back needs movement to stay flexible. Not moving enough can add to your problems and we have some spine care tips for you to best help you live a life of your own design.

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Over 80% of Australians experience back pain in their lifetime and it can be truly debilitating. Back issues have a range of different causes, including but not limited to:

  • Not moving enough – A sedentary lifestyle is not ideal for back pain issues
  • Moving too sharply – When playing sport, or working in the yard, it’s best to stretch first before making any sudden movements such as serving a tennis ball or pull-starting the lawnmower
  • Twisting – Especially while lifting can cause serious back pain, be sure to use proper technique
  • Accident trauma – Be gentle with your body, especially if you’ve been in a car crash or have experienced any other form of accident trauma
  • Sporting injuries – Be sure to warm up, many back injuries are caused when amateur athletes forget to perform a proper stretching session
  • A trapped nerve – Nerve compression syndrome is a medical condition caused by direct pressure on a nerve, which can happen along the spine
  • A slipped disc – Your spinal column is made up of vertebrae, and these bones are cushioned by discs which absorb shocks from daily activities like walking, lifting, and twisting
  • Disease – Such as ankylosing spondylitis

The best approach is to have a team of Perth Chiro experts helping you. Our professionals will look at your medical history, then carry out diagnostic imaging to assess what is causing your ailments and then compile a treatment plan to best help you recover.

Spine Care Tips – Looking After Your Back

Chiropractic care is essential in looking after your back. Below are some spine care tips to help you stay on top of your health:

1. Keep track of your medical history

Make sure you provide your Chiropractor with your most up-to-date medical records and history. Your Chiropractor will ask questions about your overall health and you should answer with as much detail as possible. Some questions will cover general medical information, others will pertain to your back pain, such as how it started, what makes it feel better, other symptoms you might be experiencing, and whether your issues were caused by an accident or injury.

2. Diagnostic Imaging is crucial

Your Chiropractor will look at all factors that are impacting your ailments, such as your posture, the location of the pain, whether you can move freely, if there is numbness anywhere, while also determining the overall strength of your body. Carlin are a Chiro Perth locals turn to for comfort, and will perform many tests to help you get back in shape.

3. Stay on top of your exercises

Your Perth Chiro treatment extends beyond your adjustment sessions and time in the practice. Your Chiro will assign you important exercises to do at home as part of looking after yourself. Ignoring these exercises can slow down your recovery and increase the chance of experiencing recurring back pain problems. With regular sessions and following your Chiro’s advice, you can improve your strength, reduce pain and enhance your range of motion.

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