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The Back Chiropractor

By July 19, 2022No Comments
The Back Chiropractor | Carlin Chiropractic

Did you know that over 80% of Australians experience back pain in their lifetime? Chiropractic care was invented to help solve many health problems, and none more so than helping with the reduction of back pain. Here’s how we are helping Aussie families, by being a trusted back pain chiropractor.

The Back Chiropractor

An advantage of Chiropractic care is that you can rest assured knowing that our expert team excel in the treatment of the spine. At any given moment, 1 in 6 Australians is currently suffering from back pain, and we have the know-how to treat it. Furthermore, our team are experts in the nervous system structure and the biochemical patterns that take place in your back. This is why many people choose Carlin Chiropractic to diagnose the root cause of their pain and trust our Chiro team to treat it with a drug-free approach, including adjustment, and para-spinal muscle relaxation therapies.

It’s important to note that Chiropractic care makes use of non invasive techniques. Carlin are a trusted back pain Chiropractor who can restore the natural movement in your body by targeting problematic bones, discs, joints, muscles and nerves through gentle Chiropractic techniques.

Back Chiropractor | Carlin Chiropractic

We’ll help you if you’ve been in an accident

Some of our patients are introduced to Chiropractic care due to the fact that they have been involved in an accident. If the trauma of an accident goes untreated, back pain can become severe enough to cause permanent damage to your spine. We can treat the muscles, joints and nerves that are connected to the spine as well as the place of injury. Quite often, the joints, muscles and nerves become irritated as a result of a chain reaction within your body. Your body’s systems are all interconnected, so a trusted back pain Chiropractor will be able to reduce your pain. An expert chiropractor can solve your issues by knowing how to best treat your spine, restoring movement and balance while realigning your spine.

You may even derive a higher quality of life from Chiropractic care and include adjustments as part of your monthly wellness plan.

Back Chiropractors are experts in health and wellness

You can turn to Carlin Chiropractic and other experts in our field for advice on health, wellness and natural remedies for many ailments. We bring decades of experience in whole person, family oriented care in disciplines such as Neural Organization Technique, Kinesiology and Activator techniques. Where pain medication and hospital treatment fail to help, Chiropractic care may help.

Book today with our Back Chiropractor team

Seeing a back Chiropractor will help improve your posture, strength and flexibility. Reach out to our team today, we are ready, willing and able to help you.