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Best Mattress and Best Pillow for Healthy Spinal Support to Optimise Your Sleep

By February 23, 2018January 25th, 2021No Comments

Allow Carlin Chiropractic to guide you on the best mattress and also the best pillow for your care plan. For healthy spinal support and optimal sleep, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How old is your pillow?
  2. How old is your mattress?
  3. What sleeping position do you spend most of the night in?
  4. How helpful do you think that position is to your spine and body?

Best pillow for matching your sleeping posture

To assess whether your pillow matches your side sleeping posture and also your mattress, lay on the point of your shoulder. If someone gives you a gentle push and you fall forward, your pillow is too small. Should you fall backward, your pillow is too big. If you don’t fall either way, it is the right height and is the best pillow for you.
Carlin Chiropractic: Best Pillow for Spinal Support

Best Mattress for Spinal Support to Optimise Your Sleep

Too many people are suffering from poor sleep, back, neck, shoulder and also hip pain due to their current bed and resultant sleep posture. The best mattress must be firm, comfortable and also supportive.

Mattresses should not contain metal or any artificial compounds in the foam or mattress cover. These can off-gas or harbour unwanted microbes.

In our world of electromagnetic radiation from phones, computers and other electrical appliances; removing conductive materials like metals will also reduce stress on your body during sleep.

We recommend you speak to ultimate beds in Claremont about their innovative mattresses. Their mattresses use organic and clean components which are constructed to suit you and last. They can also assist you with the best mattress for optimal sleep.
Carlin Chiropractic recommend Ultimate beds for not just the best mattress, but the perfect mattress

We hope you’ve enjoyed this education session on the best pillow for a better sleep. The team at Ultimate Beds can assist you with the best mattress to achieve healthy a good nights’ rest.

We also have advice on how to increase energy levelsContact us today.