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Spinal Rehabilitation and Movement

By April 4, 2018March 30th, 2020No Comments
  • What spinal rehabilitation and exercise have you been doing to date?
  • How strong and stable do you think your spine and also your body is right now?
  • Do you think what you are doing now is creating better strength, mobility and also stability through your body?
  • How could you improve your current movement habits?
  • What’s your movement and recovery plan?

Have you been to your corrective care appointment yet?
It’s very important for your recovery phase.

Please refer to the Preferred Providers page for a comprehensive list of other professionals we recommend for rehabilitation and movement.
Carlin Chiropractic: Spinal Rehabilitation and Movement

We recommend functional movement training for spinal rehabilitation. Functional style training will assist with improving mobility, strength and also stability in your body.

Imagine functional training as a playground for adults, with its use of rigs and fitness stations. Refer to the image above for an example of exercises that build strength and also assist with spinal rehabilitation.

What is the importance of spinal rehabilitation?

You will enjoy enhancements in cardiovascular fitness, a stable and stronger body, improvements in flexibility and a more resilient body resistant to injury.

Your functional fitness instructor tailors programs for everyone. Programs involve the use of equipment such as gym rings, parallel bars, kettlebells, medicine balls, ropes, weighted bags, and more. One on one or group training is available depending on your preference. The aim is to build confidence in your body and rehabilitate your spine in a supportive environment.

Specific programs can be tailored to your personal goals and also take into consideration your current state of health. In spinal rehabilitation, an initial assessment should be performed to help guide exercise selection and training load.

We want to see you achieve spinal rehabilitation and perform daily life activities more easily. Make sure you stay on top of your exercise and also develop healthy movement habits.

We also have advice on how to increase energy levelsContact us today.