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Chiro Benefits Pregnancy

By April 16, 2021No Comments
A photo of how Chiro benefits pregnancy: Carlin Chiropractic

Our expert team provide Chiro for childbirth to expectant mothers in Perth! Below we discuss some key points about pregnancy that women should know, and how Chiro benefits pregnancy.

What you should know about pregnancy

As soon you pee on a stick and it returns a positive result, your mind begins to race with a million questions. As an expectant mothers, you’ll want to find comprehensive and reassuring answers. Carlin Chiropractic hopes that the tips in this article are a good place to start. You need to make the best possible choices for you and your baby’s wellbeing.

Fish intake

During pregnancy, you should be careful with your intake of fish. Larger fish have higher levels of mercury which is unsafe for consumption during pregnancy. High levels of mercury can impact your unborn baby’s neurological system. Larger fish include shark, king mackerel and swordfish. For your baby’s sake, please steer clear of these fish.

Eat a balanced diet

You should do your best to avoid gaining too much weight during your pregnancy. Eating a balanced and varied diet is very important in maintaining a healthy pregnancy weight. You should do your best to ingest adequate amounts of protein, minerals such as folate and also vitamins so that your baby develops properly.

It’s also a myth that you need to eat twice the normal amount of food. We recommend that you do not overdo it – eat healthy and normal portions.

Chiro benefits pregnancy

Be sure to come and visit Carlin Chiropractic during your pregnancy. Our Perth chiro team can demonstrate how Chiro benefits pregnancy and alleviate swelling, lower back and joint pain. Carlin Chiropractic can also assist you with getting your baby into the best possible birthing position by maneuvering your body.

Some Perth mothers believe that regular chiropractic care during pregnancy can result in a shorter and easier birth experience. Do the best you can for yourself and your baby, let our team show you just how much Chiro benefits pregnancy.

Be comfortable with your obstetrician, gynaecologist, midwifery team or healthcare professional

Be sure that you trust and are comfortable with your obstetrician, gynaecologist, midwifery team or healthcare professional. After all, it is they who will be delivering your child. Be sure to ask questions and make sure they understand your birth plan.

It also helps to check out the delivery facilities prior to the birth so you are familiar with the layout and location. Familiarity can help ensure your pregnancy is calmer and less stressful.

All pregnancies and birthing experiences are different

Just because a friend or family member experienced discomfort (or a lack of) during pregnancy, does not mean that you will. All pregnancies are different, and all childbirth experiences are unique. In fact, you will most likely notice differences when comparing your pregnancy and birth of each of your children.

Chiro benefits pregnancy, just ask our expert team!

Book in with our Perth chiro team and learn how Chiro benefits pregnancy and childbirth.

We are ready and waiting to make you and your baby our top priority. Our team also hope that these tips are a great start to a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Once your baby is born, we can help with help out with baby Chiro! Read more on chiropractic benefits for infants.