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ChildrenChiropractic Care

Kids Chiro Experts

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Kids Chiro Experts: Carlin Chiropractic

Did you know…

In Australia, Chiropractors provide care to more than 30,000 pediatric patients (0-18 years old) every week. An experienced Chiropractic team can play an active role in monitoring development, motor skills, and wellbeing.⁠ Our team are kid’s Chiro experts, and are ready to look after your child with our assessment and adjustment services.

Children’s Chiropractor in Cottesloe

Research has established that newborns can benefit from Chiropractic care, especially in cases where the birthing process itself was difficult for both mother and child. During childbirth, deviations in the spine and agitation in the spinal cord can occur. Our kids Chiro experts can help to alleviate any pain and discomfort or other symptoms in your newborn baby. Located on Eric St in Cottesloe, we are here to assist mothers and their babies with children’s chiropractor services. Contact us for specialised baby chiropractor techniques.

Chiro care for kids

As your daughter or son grows, it’s likely they will experience small traumas when playing. These knocks can be a result of playing competitive sport or something as simple as falling out of bed at home. Even the most innocuous of incidents can cause spinal and/or cranial trauma. Your child may find that the initial pain from an incidental injury will subside, but may experience ongoing symptoms that are a sign that their development is being adversely impacted. Our kid’s Chiro experts can assist with ensuring your child’s spine and nervous system are functioning at their best.

Our kid’s Chiro team align your child’s spine and skull to improve the overall function of their nervous system.

Common problems seen by our kid’s Chiro team:

  • Scoliosis
  • Growing pains caused by puberty
  • Poor posture from hours seated at a school desk, in front of a computer or gaming in front of a TV
  • Headaches and migraines

Contact us for kid Chiropractic services

Our Chiropractors use gentle Chiropractic techniques that are modified to suit your child’s age and size. We do not adjust a baby or a child using the same method used to adjust adults. Contact us for kid Chiropractic services, make your booking today.