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What is the best sleeping position for neck pain?

By June 17, 2022No Comments
What is the best sleeping position for neck pain? | Carlin Chiropractic

Our team of expert Chiropractors are often asked – What is the best sleeping position for neck pain? We’ve consolidated some information on the topic with help from the Australian Chiropractors Association and their Consider a Chiro campaign.

Is a bad sleeping position impacting your energy levels?

Just ask a young parent, a good night’s sleep is absolutely critical for your health and wellbeing. While you might be getting a comfortable amount of sleep, bad sleeping position might impacting its quality.  No matter how healthy you are and how well supported your neck is, your energy levels can be negatively impacted by a poor night’s sleep. Whether it’s a cracked bed-frame or an old mattresses, incorrect posture and poor sleep hygiene can place strain on your neck – resulting in significant discomfort and stiffness in the morning when you wake up.

We spend 33% of our lives sleeping, according to the Sleep Foundation. With this in mind, the way you sleep should foster your spinal health. An awkward sleeping position can result in health issues such as back pain, neck stiffness, fatigue, muscle cramps and other problems.

What is the best sleeping position for neck pain?

Below is an informative diagram to help articulate the best sleeping position for neck pain. It’s best to adopt these good habits on the first sign of neck pain, in order to prevent the need for spinal rehabilitation.

What is the best sleeping position for neck pain? | Carlin Chiropractic

Chiropractic care for neck pain and poor sleep

Are you hampered by pain from poor sleep? Is neck pain slowing down your usually active lifestyle? If you answered yes, we believe you should consider Chiropractic care. The expert team at Carlin Chiropractic can best guide you on sleeping positions and postural exercises. We can also help you find the best mattress and best pillow for healthy spinal support to optimise your sleep. We care about your quality of sleep and will do what we can to make sure your neck doesn’t suffer.

Enhance sleep hygiene with Chiropractic care

Carlin Chiropractic can also help improve your quality of life with proper sleep hygiene. Our expert team can help to ease the tension in your muscles that leads to restlessness. Chiropractic care can stimulate circulation and blood flow, while promoting improved central nervous system function. We work in tandem with you to provide tailored Chiropractic care as well as lifestyle advice to prevent reoccurrence.

If your health problems have been causing you discomfort for too long, you may need to speak to our expert team about spinal rehabilitation.

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