Sugar Addiction, Mood and Learning

It’s a dirty five letter word. Sugar. We hear the ubiquitous stern warnings about this white manufactured evil every day. There’s books on how to give up sugar. Books on how to make desserts without it. Books written by celebrities on why they gave it up. Frankly you can’t walk past a bookshop these days [...]

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Healthy Stress Management

ADAPTATION is central to our ability to maintain health. We know the human body adapts to survive on a daily basis. We see this when we encounter a virus and the body adapts to shut it down, or even when we eat, by extracting the nutrients from our food and expelling the toxins and waste [...]

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Newsletter December 2016

Newsletter Click to View Featuring: New Saturday Hours! Fancy a Turmeric Latte? Pillows: is yours supporting you? Sugar Addiction, Mood and Learning

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Sympathetic Dominance

Dr Xanthe Hand, Chiropractor This may not be something you have heard of before. Although the name is new, the problem itself has been rampant throughout society for a long time, and is only increasing in severity and frequency as time passes. So what is it? Your nervous system is divided into parts; one of [...]

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